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As a queer, brown, human I live and represent the diverse experience in this community. I am able to see strengths and struggles within the community that current leadership is not able to see or understand. I have not seen my community represented on the Bend City Council. When I am elected to Bend City Council I will share the underepresenstened perspectives, ideas, and priorities with my fellow leaders. The community will have a seat and voice at this new table.


+ I support all Information made available in multiple languages and accessible for all humans. 

+ I support diverse representation on our city boards, committees and elected officials.

+ I support a platform to build access for diverse voices to be heard by leadership.

I will advocate for the Bend Central District (BCD) Initiative to include equity policies.

Bend City Council 2020:
What's At Stake? Housing Round Table

As a renter, my housing experience represents 48% of Bend’s population. While renting in Bend over the past 5 years, I have growing concerns about the market. As a City Councilor, I will work to answer the following questions: How do we make Bend an affordable place to rent? What are the solutions to long-term, affordable rentals? And if Bend residents desire the option, how do we make Bend a place where home ownership is accessible for all humans?


+ I support solutions to truly address the growing need for affordable housing.

+ I support policies that require affordable housing.

+ I support programs and organizations that make affordable housing possible.


I am committed to safe roads for all commuters. As someone who regularly walks to work, I know how dangerous the roads can be. I want to expand transportation options and connectivity for all Bend residents. Bike lanes and complete sidewalks create accessibility for people walking, using a mobility device and riding their bicycles. We need to invest in a system that works for all modes of transportation, is safe and efficient, and is equitably built across town. 


+ I will advocate for the Transportation Systems Plan to be implemented equitably.

+ I support equity and access to transportation policy development.

+ I support building infrastructure and programming for Safe Routes to School.

COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 has affected the health, safety, and economy of Central Oregon. As the number of residents impacted continues to rise, please follow the state guidelines, wear your mask, keep physical distance and wash your hands. Central Oregon needs to be protected so that we can continue to flourish and grow. Humans most affected by this pandemic are BIPOC individuals, and I plan to use my power on Council to support the ones most affected. 


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